Ghost hand

Dating in our digital world – from ghosting to ghostbot-ing

“At what point in time did people become so pathetic that they couldn't just tell somebody that they're not interested ...
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peacock feather

Symptoms of the seen zone: notice me Senpai!

There's a phenomena happening on social media lately and I haven't been able to track down any related articles or ...
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woman's eye

Cheaterbuster – paying for our fears or preying on our fears?

Whilst we’ve explored some ‘normalised’ ways to electronically intrude on your friends, potential partners and loved ones. There are a ...
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Woman in front of data

Eduveillance – innovation or intrusion?

A couple of years ago Adam Brown and I had a chat about surveillance in the classroom (or 'eduveillance' as ...
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Woman looking at smart phone at night

Searching for your next fix. The darkness and desperation of the ‘seenzone’.

You may or may not have read my previous blog post on the seenzone and electronic intrusion (EI). If you ...
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Man watching laptop

Electronic intrusion killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back?

Have you ever found yourself left ‘on seen’? Hurts don’t it? ...Especially when it’s committed by your crush. Breakfast at ...
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tray of dentist tools

Gamification: can (and should) everything be fun?

A student of mine recently shared her opinion on gamification in class (and I encouraged her to share it on ...
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