You found me!

My name is Danielle Teychenné and I am an Interactive Media Developer at Deakin University. My role focuses on creating meaningful and active online learning via the creation and implementation of multimedia applications. Not surprisingly, I grew up around 90’s ‘edutainment’ such as Carmen Sandiego, Reader Rabbit and Treehouse.

My research interests lie in game based learning, gamification, immersive theatre, learner centred education, employability, surveillance, electronic intrusion and emerging technologies that support higher education. I also sessionally teach gamification.  

Feel free to take a peek at projects I have worked on! If you have a nifty idea and would like to collaborate, I am always open to expanding my skills/network. 

Free workshops

If you would like to learn about all things web development, learning design,Wordpress, Mailchimp, branching narratives, Twine, H5P, accessibility (and more!) you can view and register for upcoming workshops here.