Journal articles


A pre-post evaluation of an online career planning module on university students’ career adaptability. Journal of Teaching and Learning for Graduate Employability  10(1), pp.42-55. (co-authored with Teychenne, M., Parker, K.,Sahlqvist, S., Macfarlane, S. and Costigan, S)


The development of a tailored, career-focused interactive online learning tool for physical activity and health students’ Journal of Teaching & Learning for Graduate Employability. 8(1), p. 60–73. (co-authored with Teychenne, M., Sahlqvist, S., Teychenne, D., Macfarlane, S. Dawson, P., Costigan, S.A)

Conference papers


A gamified eLearning approach to teaching food regulation’ ASCILITE 2015 Conference Proceedings, p.572-576.